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The economist crisis usually brings opportunities!
It just happened in recent years in Greece and specifically in the Real Estate market.Hotels,
buildings or fantastic houses that about 5-6 years ago were bought only by millionaires
because their prices were very high,now all theese are available for many…pockets and have attracted Europeans,Americans and Asian investors.Someone who could buy an apartment
now-because of crisis-it’s possible to find with the same money a villa or a shop in the most commercial street of Athens.
And now the Greek market of Real Estate is not only addressed to private individuals but and to big companies who can buy in half price hotels or office buildings in the best areas.
For all theese WE RECOMMEND MANY SOLUTIONS and of course with the help of our
lawyers and special advisors, to get the best price for your choise.
And don’t forget.Buying a house,or any building that the price it’s over ‘s
automatically get the Greek nationality! 

More information at www.namasteeurope.in